Proper Acoustics


Proper acoustics not only make a room more inviting, but also more functional.  In this new age of wide open spaces the need has never been greater to tame these cavernous rooms to be more intelligible and usable. 

At Proper Acoustics we pride ourselves on making your space more comfortable not only for the ear, but also for the eye. Click below to make an appointment to find out how we can provide a solution for your space. 



When we decided to modernize a 25 year old worship space that was originally built to support a choir and an orchestra, we knew that it was paramount to get the acoustics right. The first call we made was to Proper Acoustics. We knew that they were professional and client driven, but they exceeded our expectations. Their design and installation teams got to know our church and made sure the finished project was both beautiful and finished on time and within budget
— Josh Grant - Beaverton Christian Church